Zodiac Open 3.1 is a popular RIB for adolescents and a good, solid choice as a practical cabin boat. The hull and pontoons take on the sea conditions well. With a center console and comfortable seating for 4 people, the boat is a good choice as a small, handy family boat. The aft seat has a tilted back, and the console (which is standard equipment) is tiltable (from the stern to the bow) and hides the fuel tank on board. This makes it easy for you to refill petrol or want to remove the tank for refilling externally. Maximum engine size on the Open 3.1 is 25 hp, and has good range with its 24 liter fuel tank. The size and weight of Open 3.1 also makes it easy to get on a trailer or stow away yourself. This boat will definately become a favorit of the kids!
310 CM
165 CM
Net weight
Fuel capacity
24 L
Max engine
25 HP
Stem length
Max persons
CE category