Zodiac Open 5.5 is an easy-to-drive, practical and spacious RIB for use as a leisure boat for the cabin and the house, or as a perfect and easy way to get to the sea. Open 5.5 has a wide floor with plenty of space for luggage, and a comfortable bow section where it feels safe and good to go on board. The boat is characterized by good side support on both the stern bench and the bench, and can be equipped with rows in the bow, which gives you an increased freeboard height. The console in Open 5.5 is well suited for Nordic summer conditions with its height and width. The front of the console consists of a hatch that gives you access to a large living room. The console also has USB sockets for charging the phone. The aft bench in Open 5.5 is comfortable with room for 3 people and a good backrest. Here you can also have the boat delivered with bimini (shade for the sun) and cooling box (without electricity) as an option for high comfort at sea in the summer. The Mercury engines give the Open 5.5 a quiet and calm ride, while it is good with power and thrust when the boat is heavily loaded Mer om denne kildetekstenKildeteksten er nødvendig for å få mer informasjon om oversettelsen Send tilbakemelding Sidepaneler
540 CM
254 CM
Net weight
Fuel capacity
100 L
Max engine
130 HP
Stem length
Max persons
CE category