With Zodiac Pro 5.5, you have a sea of ​​possibilities to configure the boat the way you want. Whether you want a wide console that gives you good protection against wind and weather, or a narrow console that gives you better space on deck; Pro 5.5 gives you the opportunity to choose for yourself. Pro 5.5 has plenty of seating and is approved for 12 people in category C (traffic near the coast). The stern bench can easily accommodate two adults, you have room for two people behind the console and two in the bow without it getting cramped. In addition, the Pro 5.5. good floor space, which gives you the opportunity to store a lot of luggage on board. Therefore, Pro 5.5. also perfect as a medium-sized country house boat. The size of the Pro 5.5 is also ideal for use in the local area. With its 5.4 meters in length and 2.54 meters in width, the boat is easy to maneuver in narrower waters and busy marinas in the summer. The boat has good stability in rough seas, with its pontoons that constantly balance the boat well. The Pro 5.5 is powered by Mercury Fourstroke engines from 100hp EFI to 115hp ProXS. These engines give the Zodiac Pro 5.5 a quiet and comfortable sound image, while at the same time the boat is experienced as light and level (even with a lot of luggage or more passengers). In the Zodiac Pro 5.5, you have the option of choosing Bolster Pro seats, which gives you a comfortable sitting position and side support. If you order the finished "PRO package", you also get a backrest for bolsters, which helps to increase driving comfort for you and your passenger behind the console. Here you have the opportunity to tailor your own RIB, with a high level of equipment and good driving comfort, perfect for practical use to and from the pier or just to enjoy your trip.
540 CM
254 CM
Net weight
Fuel capacity
100 L
Max engine
130 HP
Stem length
Max persons
CE category