Zodiac Pro 6.5 is the middle of 3 brothers in the Pro series. Here you get the combination of good maneuverability and increased stability in the sea. Thus, the Pro 6.5 handles rough and rougher seas well, with good help from the stable pontoons. Pro 6.5 also comes with approved space for up to 15 passengers in category C (traffic near the coast), and is perceived as spacious when it comes to space for both passengers and luggage. As with the Pro 5.5 and Pro 7, the Pro 6.5 has plenty of living space in the floor, bow and stern, so you can easily stow away your luggage. This keeps the tire clean, even with a lot of load. Here, the pontoons do not experience taking deck space from you, the deck space is experienced as wide and nice, even when the boat is equipped with the widest console (HXLS). Pro 6.5 is equipped with the powerful Mercury Fourstroke engines, and comes with engines from 150hp EFI to 175hp ProXS. These engines give the boat a low planting threshold and are perceived as quiet and comfortable. This applies both when driving calmly and during start-up.

610 CM
254 CM
Net weight
Fuel capacity
200 L
Max engine
175 HP
Stem length
Max persons
CE category