Zodiac Open 4.2 is a perfect RIB size for use on a country house, or for use from port facilities for either young people (with driving license) or adults. The boat gives you the opportunity to navigate easily in cramped and busy harbor pools and marinas, and makes it easy to dock. At the same time, it has a size that gives you good living rooms, good floor space and good comfort for up to 6 people. Open 4.2 has available accessories such as a bluetooth player, which allows you to connect your mobile and play music, it also has USB / 12V sockets as standard and you thus get the opportunity to charge your mobile along the way. The boat has seats on the stern bench, on the port side of the console and in front of the console. Baugluken hides a practical living room for luggage, groceries, ropes and other things you bring with you on trips. The console is tiltable (from bow to stern) and hides the boat's fuel tank, while you get some living space here. The boat's pontoons also keep the passengers and lead dry under normal conditions, and the boat takes the waves well. Open 4.2 is simply a practical and handy boat for the cabin, country house or house! Mer om denne kildetekstenKildeteksten er nødvendig for å få mer informasjon om oversettelsen
420 CM
190 CM
Net weight
Fuel capacity
46 L
Max engine
50 HP
Stem length
Max persons
CE category