The RIB buyers guide

What is a RIB and who is this type of boat suitable for?

The term RIB is an abbreviation for "Rigid Inflatable Boats" and this type of boat is a combination of fiberglass hull and a pontoon. RIBs on the market today are often from sizes around 12-13 feet and all the way up to 28-30 feet. There are also some differences between the types of RIB that you should be aware of, especially when it comes to equipment and comfort level on board.

The origin of RIB as a boat type was with a clear focus on practical solutions and a deck area that could store away luggage, materials, diving equipment, etc. The deck is also made for you to easily get around, and the boats have a low freeboard to do it as easy as possible to get in and out. The RIB is often approved for many people on board, due to high buoyancy from the pontoons, but be aware that the number of people in the boat's technical data is often in relation to which category it is approved in. Usually the boat takes more passengers in category C ( protected waters) than category B. Feel free to read over what your RIB or the RIB you want to buy is approved for.


What can you expect from the RIB? We consider the design, the boat's practical functions and the utilization of deck space

The use and the adaptations

A good place to start assessing what kind of RIB you need is the use of the boat. The RIB is known to be a practical alternative, but the boat's open character gives it limitations in terms of keeping passengers and drivers dry, should it rain. Many people choose RIB as a boat for use at the cabin, country house or house by the sea, as this type of boat fits well into the use associated with such places (often small, short trips over a limited time). If you are looking for a combination of day trip and practical use, you should study how the boats are set up with canopy solutions and roof solutions. Here you also get the opportunity to choose boats with different comfort levels and thus canopy solutions. Many RIBs come with a so-called bimini, a sunroof that can be set up over the stern of the boat, this can act as rain protection, but can have restrictions while driving.


Storage space and space:

The RIB often has good storage space, and several areas in the boat where there is room for luggage. Feel free to take a look at the boat you have seen; where does it have a living space, how easy is it to load and unload, what is it like to operate with the pillows fitted? You should use several of these solutions daily and it is therefore useful to spend some time studying the solutions (and not least testing them out).

RIB's windscreen and console

As the RIB is mostly used on summer days and in good weather, there is often less wind protection on the RB than other boats. You should consider based on your needs and your use what you need of wind protection, a good advice is to see the boat and test the driver's position and passenger position behind the wind screen. See how high the windscreen covers you and how the overview is from the driver's seat. Feel free to also check standing position, as many choose to stand and drive RIB.

Power and outlets.

Since the RIB is typically used

Does the boat have a 12V and power outlet?
You can have RIB delivered with two batteries (one starter battery and one consumable battery), this can be useful when charging mobile phones and using a cooling drawer.

The day trip needs

If you need a day trip boat, RIB can be a good solution, with plenty of space, practical solutions and is a boat that is relatively easy to maneuver and add. You can easily get up to other boats with soft pontoons and possibly fenders in between. Many RIBs can be equipped with dual batteries, cooling equipment and a pantry, which gives them increased flexibility for you. Here you can store refrigerated goods, cook and enjoy your meals on board the larger versions. If you have a day trip need and are looking for RIB, it may be a good idea to look for the larger, more equipped models. The clear advantage of choosing a boat like RIB as a day trip boat is the opportunity to get many people on a trip. In a 7-meter RIB you will be able to carry up to 12 people in category C (protected waters), so here you can invite the whole extended family.


De store åpne sonene på dekket i RIB gjør ofte at de mer utstyrte utgavene har flere enn ett sted for solseng og avslapning. Ofte er baugpartiet bredt og fint, med godt utstyrt solseng, samtidig som akterdekket har løsninger for akkurat det samme. På den måten binder du aktivitetssonene i RIBen sammen og det er god plass for hele familien, selv når du velger å legge båten på svai. Utstyrer du RIB´en med badeplattformer får du et ypperlig utgangspunkt for fine dagsturer på sjøen.