The all new Zodiac Medline 6.8

Zodiac Medline 6.8 is designed to be used actively as either a tour boat or as a boat for a cabin and country house. The boat's hull takes the sea lightly, and gives both driver and passengers a comfortable ride, even in rougher seas. With room for 14 people (category C, sheltered waters) you have the opportunity to take the whole family on an island trip or simply for a ride on the lake. The boat is a completely new design from Zodiac, and the boat is intended to replace the Medline 660.

The bow in Medline 6.8 is easily converted into a large sun lounger area where you can relax, and the aft deck is a nice family-friendly area with a U-shaped sofa, large dining table and the possibility of a sun lounger. Here, the boat can also be equipped with a targa hoop and bimini (sunroof) for increased comfort.

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